Hustle time, busy day, busy work, everything ties up, squeeze us into a claustrophobic situation. How can you get out of an exhausted mind and slow down your thought? The following are several decent places, activities where you can cure.

1. Tucking in various green coffee shops with stunning designs.

2. Sightseeing old seaport with a large terrace and vessels  

3. Taking a stroll along the central park 

4. Wandering around “Dao” Lake

5. Stepping on the walking street in the evening

6. Slowly driving along the 352 street to Do Son beach. It will take less than 30 minutes to get there.

7. Thien Van Hill is a unique place where you can immerse yourself in forests, mountains. It is not pretty stunning but enough to relax, avoid the buzzing of the vehicle. Mostly, It locates in the city, and no far from the center.

8. Enjoy the street foods

9. Not Far from the center in a 10km radius contains many pagodas, shrines where you can pop in, meditate, restore energy.