Haiphong was founded by a female military general La Chan, a semi-mythical figure. She and the legendary Trung sisters against a Chinese force. They both remain heroines today.


Haiphong can be translated as “Coastal Defense,” which is because of unique geography. One side faces the east sea; one side ties to the west. Haiphong now is outport of the capital Hanoi (60km) west and is the country’s third-largest city, is the second-largest economic center in the North with the main field such as economy, education, industry, agriculture, fishery, forestry.

Haiphong transportation system is diverse, including airport, seaport, railway. 


The main airport serving Haiphong is Catbi International Airport. More than 20 domestic flights per day to major tourist destinations as Saigon, Danang, ConDao, and many international flights to Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan, and Hongkong.


Haiphong port is one of the largest ports in Vietnam and south-east Asian as a whole along the Songcam river. The port can serve most of the vessels in the world until 50.000 DWt. 


The railway is considered the southeastern terminus of the railway coming through Kunming (in southwestern China), Lao Cai, and Hanoi. There are three daily trains to the capital Hanoi and back, take approximately 2 hours.