It has been a shortcoming for visitors without stepping on the Hang flea market. An ancient market existing at least 40 years be called a non-missed thing in daily life in Haiphong.
Just only one session per week on Sunday morning from 7 – 11 am, but you can see the crowded preparation from early morning. People from the outskirts, neighboring provinces are trying to reach the market as soon as possible to set up everything beautifully.

Visiting the market was formed a long time ago and became Haiphongian’s stunning habit when people feel enthusiastic about coming to the festival.
The whole market is small, old stalls containing lots of stuff from tiny to huge things as plants, pets, decorated items of furniture, handmade, appliances spreading along Cho Hang street to 2 -3 km.
From 9 – 10 am is the peak time of the market where you can not commute by vehicle so packing the bike somewhere, start wandering is the best way to enjoy the traditional market atmosphere. No matter how much you have in the wallet, you can freely pick up some decent items.

Visiting the market is not just commerce as well as considered the lucky activities