Horse Lake in Haiphong

The initial name was linked to ” horse races ” during the French colonization period. This area was the small lake aim organizing horse races and described in Paris magazine in 1891. Nowadays, the lake has continually been adjusting by increasing the water surface and new passageways, expanding the square of trees to be the central entertainment place along Lach […]

An Ancient Hai Phong

Haiphong’s old name is Ninh Hai. On July 19, 1888, Haiphong was officially formed by combining Ninh Hai Port and some coastal districts of HaiDuong province. Following the speedy development, Haiphong nowadays is cropping up many new modern buildings, shopping malls, and entertainment areas but still keeps the typical architectures via many generations. Let pop in some old pictures to […]

Bia Hoi – Cool Beer Hai Phong

Similar to Hanoi, Hai Phong also has spectacular drinking called Bia Hoi. It is a type of Vietnamese draft beer containing about 4% alcohol and easily meets every corner at the edge of small alleys or deluxe places. It is impossible compared to the European standard, but why making everyone, classes gloating. So what is the secrete reason here? For […]

Where can soothe a rush mind in HaiPhong

Hustle time, busy day, busy work, everything ties up, squeeze us into a claustrophobic situation. How can you get out of an exhausted mind and slow down your thought? The following are several decent places, activities where you can cure. 1. Tucking in various green coffee shops with stunning designs. 2. Sightseeing old seaport with a large terrace and vessels   […]

Cat Ba Island – Lan Ha bay

Hide in Lan Ha Bay’s heart is Cat Ba Island spanning 260 km² that comprise the Cat Ba Archipelago. Although being separated from the land and be covered the rugged coastline, Cat Ba Island still presents two main parts as wild forest and offshore with 17,040 hectares of land and 9,200 hectares of sea. The wild forest has many different […]