An Ancient Hai Phong

Haiphong’s old name is Ninh Hai. On July 19, 1888, Haiphong was officially formed by combining Ninh Hai Port and some coastal districts of HaiDuong province. Following the speedy development, Haiphong nowadays is cropping up many new modern buildings, shopping malls, and entertainment areas but still keeps the typical architectures via many generations. Let pop in some old pictures to […]

Bia Hoi – Cool Beer Hai Phong

Similar to Hanoi, Hai Phong also has spectacular drinking called Bia Hoi. It is a type of Vietnamese draft beer containing about 4% alcohol and easily meets every corner at the edge of small alleys or deluxe places. It is impossible compared to the European standard, but why making everyone, classes gloating. So what is the secrete reason here? For […]

Bridge in Hai Phong

Hai Phong means “Coastal Defense” and is known as the city of the bridge. With the unique geography that made so many rivers cover Haiphong from tiny areas to large urban areas. In 2013 – 2018, Haiphong inaugurated more than 20 bridges, most in the history of Vietnam. 1. Hoang Van Thu Bridge It crosses Cam river and links Minh […]

Haiphong History

Haiphong was founded by a female military general La Chan, a semi-mythical figure. She and the legendary Trung sisters against a Chinese force. They both remain heroines today.   Haiphong can be translated as “Coastal Defense,” which is because of unique geography. One side faces the east sea; one side ties to the west. Haiphong now is outport of the […]

Haiphongians’s breakfast

Haiphong is the port city with more than 2 million inhabitants and is the country’s third-largest city. A new day usually starts from 6 am till 6 pm, so people need to have a quick dish with the rich of energy, fast arrangements for a long working day, and breakfast is considered the main meal daily. The following are some […]