Hai Phong means “Coastal Defense” and is known as the city of the bridge. With the unique geography that made so many rivers cover Haiphong from tiny areas to large urban areas. In 2013 – 2018, Haiphong inaugurated more than 20 bridges, most in the history of Vietnam.

1. Hoang Van Thu Bridge

It crosses Cam river and links Minh Khai Ward, Hoang Bang District with Tan Duong, Thuy Nguyen District

2. Binh Bridge

It crosses the Cam river and links Hoang Bang District and Thuy Nguyen District

3. Bach Dang Bridge

It crosses Bach Dang river and links Hai Phong City and Quang Ninh Province with less than 20 minutes in transportation.

4. Le Hong Phong Bridge

It is located at Le Hong Phong crossroads and Nguyen Binh Khiem Street

5. Tan Vu, Lach Huyen Bridge

It links Hai An District and Cat Hai District head to Cat Ba Island and be renowned as the longest bridge in Vietnam crossing via the sea. The total length is approximately 16kms with 5,44km on the sea and 10,19 km on the land. The inauguration is helpful to reduce the time for traveling to Catba

6. Lac Long Bridge

It is a historical figure during the Vietnam – American war, and USA aircrafts boomed, annihilated everything. In 1991, The city decided to rebuild with a length of 150m, width 15m. Now, This bridge is existing as an icon with a combination of the colonial architecture surrounding.

7. Quay – Tam Bac Bridge

A stunning historical figure was designed and created by the French in 1873 – 1874. It could be spun to 90 degrees to allow the vessel to pass. In 2013, Hai Phong restored apart and built a new part to aim for a huge development.

8. Khue Bridge

Khue’s mission is to link the outskirt and the center part. Especially, Overpassing the spectacular, large Van Uc river with 1km of water surface and various large shipyards.

9. Rao I Bridge

10. Rao II Bridge