Similar to Hanoi, Hai Phong also has spectacular drinking called Bia Hoi. It is a type of Vietnamese draft beer containing about 4% alcohol and easily meets every corner at the edge of small alleys or deluxe places. It is impossible compared to the European standard, but why making everyone, classes gloating. So what is the secrete reason here?

For more than half of decade, in the 60s – 70s, Hai Phong has been being the second most rush port city in Vietnam, just only after Ho Chi Minh City. The citizen needed to have some drinks which could help workers, employees relaxing after hard working day, that was the main reason pulling subsidiary of Bia Hoi Hanoi started in Hai Phong.

Haiphongians can divide the audience into three popular groups. The young group can enjoy Bia Hoi anytime, especially after a demanding sport. The middle-aged group tends to enjoy a beer meeting after leaving the office. They can set up a timeline or make early appointments with the colleague and dinner combined. The third group is the old persons who want to slowly enjoy Bia Hoi, such as remembering the past and young age.
The most crowded time of enjoyment is after 5 pm and still has some parts who enjoy Bia Hoi in the morning early and no matter how the weather.

They prefer to sip the newest, coldest cup of beers as “A connoisseur. “